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HWF Testimonials

The testimonials and reviews below are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your doctor or local veterinarian.

Heartworm Free and Happy I used your “HWF” for my extremely heartworm positive Shepherd. This product worked wonders in my Shepherd. Within a few short weeks she was running and not coughing and after 6 months she was negative. She is happy and healthy now and I am so pleased with your product. I was skeptical through the whole procedure and so was my vet but now he finally agreed to a test and he was astonished at the results. Thank you so much. All I have to say is this is a no bullshit product and it works wonders on a very difficult illness to cure. Thank you so so much!!--- Henry S., Dafter, Michigan


I am so happy to share this with you, and we BOTH thank you so very much.

My 11 yr. old Belgian Turnverein, Honzie, tested NEGATIVE for heartworm's.

I started the HMF treatment in October of '08, and re-tested in August of '09...and Honzie still tested positive..... So, with all faith and belief, I immediately started another treatment period with HWF at a double dose. We went the suggested 10 wks. of treatment, and the 4mo. waiting period......With all anticipation of success, we Carolinas Veterinary Medical Hospital in Charlotte, NC., with Dr. Angie DiLillo. Nobody at the hospital had ever heard of this product, and all were amazed at the test results.......NEGATIVE . They looked for Microfilaria and found NONE. HONZIE was heartworm FREE.

I explained the treatment to Dr. DiLillo and her staff, and the Dr. looked on the internet for Veterinary feedback for HWF....... ALL feedback that was posted was either sarcastic, or pessimistic.

Thank you Julie, and to all of the staff at Wolf Creek Ranch, and the curators of this product at Amber Technologies.

I am here to tell you that HEARTWORM FREE .....WORKS. ---Scott L; Charlotte, NC.

Spanky Hi Julie,

I am so happy to report that Spanky tested negative for heartworm today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! I just can't thank you all at Wolf Creek Ranch enough. I am sure you saved Spanky's life. I was so devastated when I was first told he had heartworm, and knowing I just could not put him through the pain of the traditional treatment, (a treatment he probably would not have even survived), I really was at a loss. Thank God, I found your site. I attached a pic of Spanky that I took tonite after his appointment chillin' in his bed.

I also have purchased the Colostrum for Spanky and his mom Sheebia. And the diatomaceous earth for myself.

I know I have mentioned in other emails that Spanky is now 13yrs old, he is totally blind, with allergies and a bad hip. And mom Sheebia at 15 yrs old still runs around like she did as a puppy with no health issues. If you can recommend any of your other products that will help them through out these senior years, I would be grateful.

I have been and will continue to tell all my pet loving friends to check out your site and wonderful products.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ---Nancy, Spanky, and Sheebia

Rosy Hi, Julie!

Well, I *finally* got Roxy re-tested for heartworms last week, and she came back negative...yay!!! (..and whew!)

However, they wanted to re-vaccinate her, given that her first (only?) round of vaccinations came from the SPCA. I didn't allow them to do this during the visit, and they weren't happy with me. The vets around here are *extremely* traditional. I think she needs more time for her immune system to recover for all the other stuff its dealing with before we hit her with another full round of vaccinations. Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, she's doing MUCH better with the distemper stuff, too. Nose is pretty soft now and no more drainage, although her paw pads are still hard (not sure how much better that will ever get). Still weak in the back legs, but much more tolerant of normal exercise.

Thanks again for all your help/advice! This is all new territory for me...---Lisa B.;Dallas, Texas

I want to share how excited we are to have found HWF. I prefer natural cures. I use herbs for my family. When we found a little dog at a rest stop on Labor Day weekend, the poor thing was covered in fleas, cuts, deep wounds, staph infections, and a large hematoma. We were not surprised to learn she also had heartworms. I knew what to do for everything except the heartworms. I treated her skin with tea tree oil and ivory soap baths. I treated her wounds with frankincense essential oil. By healing her skin and killing the fleas, her hematoma healed quickly. The vet wanted us to decide whether to put her down since she was a stray or to pay a large sum and keep her locked up to TRY to heal the heartworm with no guarantee. I chose "no" to both options and found HWF that night. We started her treatment within a week. Last week we took her to the vet for retesting after 16 weeks of treatment. The original vet retired and the new, young vet was not looking approvingly at our choice but still ran the test. You should've seen his face when the test showed negative for heartworms. It was priceless! He wanted to know what we had done. He was obviously surprised. We now have a precious little girl in our family who everyone is attached to. We are ordering another bottle and I'm going to use HWF for all 3 of our dogs as preventative this year. The new vet even offered to help us with testing at the end of the summer to make sure this works in Texas. He may become a natural alternative believer. Thank you for offering this wonderful alternative! ---In His faithful hands, Traci in Texas=)

Subject: HeartWorm Free Information

I participated in your original program involving heart worm free products in 2005 during the Katrina Hurricane emergency. What I saw was outstanding and amazing about your product. I took in a Poodle who was about 12-14 years of age and was in end stages of heart worm. In 1 month he stopped 3 months he looked like a different dog and in 6 months, he tested negative for heart worms. It was amazing and I wish more people would use the product.

Thank you. ---Karen B.; NWAL Herding Dog Rescue, Inc. (501(c)(3) non profit organization)

We tell everyone with pets about Wolf Creek Ranch.

When we adopted our Newfoundland, Danny Boy, 4 yrs ago he was heartworm positive. I searched for a natural way to kill them. I already had the Ojibwa Tea which dissolves small worms and we gave CoQ10. Wolf Creek Ranch had the rest, HWF and Kidney Rejuvenator. We keep him on maintenance to this day. Oh, heartworm free, that he is and never a symptom or rough day.

Thank you! ---Diane A.; Monterey, Indiana

Gave the HWF to one of my Rescues who tested positive and had symptoms of heart worm. Six weeks later totally asymtomatic..full energy back and normal cardiac sounds. Very happy dog! I am so pleased with your products! Thank you for giving us alternative,safer ways to keep our pets healthy! ---Patricia W.; Nichols, South Carolina

Last year at this time, we weren't sure our 10 year old chocolate lab was going to make it through the winter. Max is loved by all of our neighbors, and he often makes his rounds to visit all of them. Unfortunately, Max has heartworms. He was diagnosed several years ago when my husband could not afford to have him treated with traditional treatments. Last Summer, I came across your website, and after discussing the pros and cons, we decided to try to treat Max with HWF. Max is almost 8 weeks into his treatment, and he's a totally different dog!!! Just tonight, he ran to me when I called him and had no breathing issues or coughing. He once again plays with us and jumps around like a pup!!! Your products are fantastic!! If we only get another year with Max, it will be worth it, he has brought so much fun and love to our home!

Thank you, ---Jared and Laurel S.

Hi there,

Just wanted to give you an update on one of the dogs in our rescue who we've been treating with HWF for about 4 months.

Maggie came from the Palomar Mountain area of SD (higher incidence of HW) as a stray senior dog and after doing our standard bloodwork she tested HW positive. We proceeded with xrays to determine how bad her HW was so that we could decide on treatment and both our vet and the specialist said she was one of the worst cases they'd seen of HW. After reviewing the xrays myself you can visibly see her heart clogged with tons of very large HW. Both the vet and the specialist said that traditional treatment would kill her and that her prognosis was most likely terminal.

Maggie is such an amazing girl so we just couldn't give up on her so we searched for an alternative and came across your products. When and if possible we always try and treat naturally so after researching the ingredients we thought we'd give it a shot. In our minds she was terminal anyways so we felt that making an attempt for her as better than none at all. So we ordered HWF and the kidney rejuvenator and began treatment.

Yesterday we took her back to the vet for a recheck, they did a new HW test and new xrays and everything was clear! We were shocked, elated, and the vet who was skeptical and upset at us for using an alternative treatment that is "potentially toxic" was surprised too. We chuckle because the first thing that comes to our minds when they say "toxic" is the standard methods of treatment for HW. Anyways, we couldnt be happier and we are extremely grateful that your product is available as an alternative for people.

As a senior dog rescue we take in so many dogs with multiple medical issues, Kidney failure, Diabetes, Cushings, liver failure, you name it! We have ordered a few other products for some of our other doggies and because we believe and support the natural approach we want to share with everyone the great products you offer! We have been sharing with all of our friends on FB and would love to put your info on our website as a recommended co. and recommended products with your permission. If you have any type of booklets, pamphlets, coups, incentive programs we'd love to share them with our fosters, adopters, and people who come to our events asking us questions. We get a lot of questions about medical issues and when we can personally recommend a product it means a lot to us and to the people searching for support.

Ok I've written a long email now so i'll leave it at that. Thank you again, we'll be having a celebration for Maggie now that she's truly HW FREEEEEEE!

Thank You! ---Laura O.;; Saving ONE senior dog at a time and educating MANY young minds to leave a legacy of compassion and advocacy!

Bella Great news!

I had to take Bella today for her titters testing to see if she needed to be vaccinated again. Since the vet was drawing blood she went ahead and retested for heartworms. I am THRILLED to say that Bella is heartworm free!!!!! I didn't even have a chance to finish with the detox.

Even though I see an alternative therapy vet she had recommended conventional treatment and told me that there were no alternative therapies that had proven to work in the treatment of heartworm.

I am thrilled I found your website and gave it a try.

Bella and I are believers, ---Stacy, Kansas City, Missouri

Roxxie Greetings from South Georgia ~

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for HWF. About a week before CHRISTmas, our Roxxie was very sick. She was breathing very fast and just seemed "not herself". Well I took her to the vet, because we were very concerned for her and they diagnosed her with severe heartworms. The vet informed us that we had a VERY sick dog. He suggested we take her home and try and build her strength up for the traditional heartworm treatment, which he explained to us. We left there in tears.

Well, I knew after he explained the method of the "traditional treatment" that I definitely did not want to put our Roxxie through that. So I came home and immediately Googled "a natural way to treat heartworms for dogs". Well, Praise the Lord I found you all! I called the next day and spoke to a very nice lady who helped me with my order for the HWF and the Kidney Rejuvenator products.

I waited anxiously for the package to arrive, for each day Roxxie was getting weaker and just laying there. I was having to force feed her and force liquids on her. I really thought she was going to die. As soon as the package arrived, I started her on her dosage immediately.

Within just three days she started showing some life about her and wagging her tail. It has been six weeks since we stared and everyday now, for the past week when she is outside, she is chasing the cats and returning back to her perky joyful self. I still notice a cough now and then, and I just continue to pray, for I know it is a slow process.

I THANK God for you and your wonderful awesome products. I am a firm believer in the "natural way", and your products are just that.

Here is a picture of our Roxxie just today. (Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix) She is 6 & 1/2 years old.

Sincerely and lovingly, ---The Foskeys; South Georgia


I'll never be able to thank you enough for saving Sandy from the heartworms and nursing her back to health. ---Tom J.; Alabama

Editor's Note: Mr. Tom Johnston called us and advised his girl, Sandy, had quit eating 2 weeks prior to him calling. He had a previous dog that was treated for heartworm with traditional medicine and it died from the traditional treatment. :=( So Tom was afraid of having Sandy treated with traditional medicine for fear she would die too. Tom's first question was, "Does this stuff really work?" He had been force feeding Sandy for two weeks, since she wasn't eating on her own and she was coughing heavily. Three weeks after starting Sandy on the HWF, he called back to order her second 4 oz. bottle and advised within two weeks of taking the HWF, she was wagging her tail, begging for food, and happy.

Joy Joy is approximately 11 yrs old and is a Chihuahua mix who was dumped at the local animal shelter after producing several litters of puppies. When her owner was finished with her, they threw her out like yesterday's garbage and brought her to a HIGH KILL SHELTER where she was put up for adoption and named Granny Girl. Unfortunately, no one wanted an old dog. She watched people come and go and passing her up many times.

I am a volunteer with Animal Rescue Foundation, a no-kill shelter. I went to the pound to pick up another dog when I had eye contact with Granny Girl. She looked so sad and giving up because her time was running out and she was also very sick with kennel cough and upper respiratory infection. I got to my car and couldn't take her little face out of my mind and those eyes were pitiful. Our shelter operates on very little money so its very hard to get all the ones you want because its so costly, but I could not leave her there to die. She was going down the next morning. Her eyes opened wide when she saw me come back in. I pulled her out and had to isolate her for a month because she was so sick and very contagious. I nursed her back to health and my organization renamed her JOY, after me. I took her to the vet to get checked out and her heartworm test came back positive, advanced heartworms. She was coughing a lot and had an enlarged heart from the heartworms. The vet didn't think she would make it through heartworm treatment so I had to proceed to look for an alternative. A couple of months earlier, I contacted Julie at Wolf Creek Ranch about parvo puppies which we saved with Parvaid and Vibactra Plus (another testimony). I noticed they had a product called HWF (Heartworm Free). So I called Julie at Wolf Creek Ranch and she sent it out immediately. I started Joy on it. Keep in mind that she was very sick. She could not run or get excited because she would cough so much she would gag. Within a month of giving her the HWF, she was not coughing anymore and she was actually playing with the other dogs. JOY WAS FEELING GOOD. With Julie's guidance and the help of Cindy w/Amber Technology, the company that puts out these wonderful products, we kept Joy on HWF for 26 weeks and also the Kidney Rejuvenator to flush out the kidneys, 10 days on and 10 days off during the treatment. I then detoxed Joy for 1 month with the Cell Life Support. I waited 2 weeks then I took her back to the vet for a heartworm test. I am very happy to report that her test is HEARTWORM NEGATIVE.

Thank you, Julie, for your support, caring, and working with me every step of the way to get Joy where she is today. She is so full of life and feeling wonderful. I think she will be around for a few more years.

My job as a rescuer is to rescue these dogs, get all their medicals done, nurse them back to health if they are sick, and place them in a forever home. I'm happy to report that Joy is not up for adoption and she will live the rest of her life with me.

God Bless you, Julie, Cindy, and Amber Technology for producing these wonderful products. I cannot say enough about them. All the products I have used on my animals have worked.

Joy is now heartworm free! Joy no longer coughs from heartworm!

Thank you very much, ---Joyce K. and Joy; Lafayette, Louisiana

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