Holistic Cats Kitten Sales Policies


We haveTHREE requirements of those who wish to purchase a kitten or cat from us:

  1. You MUST not vaccinate my grandkitten(s). If you intend to vaccinate, I will not sell one of my grandkittens to you. More vaccine info here: Animal Vaccines Webpage We sell ONLY to buyers who are educated about the toxic effects of dis-ease causing vaccines. Our holistically raised cats are not vaccinated for anything, except rabies as required by law. These cats are strong, healthy, bright eyed, playful, have strong immune systems, and do NOT get sick – naturally. These healthy cats and kittens will NEVER get sick and therefore, require no vet bills for treatment of dis-ease.
  2. You MUST pick-up the kitten/cat from our location in Southern CA. We do NOT ship, nor do we send via animal transport service. Would you like to be flown in the cargo section of a plane amongst a bunch of strangers or with an animal transport service amongst a bunch of animals you don’t know? I cannot guarantee the treatment of my cats and kittens when relinquishing their care to someone else, so have ALWAYS required people pick-up from us directly. Some people fly both ways, some drive a few thousand miles round trip. Great way to use your frequent flyer miles, if traveling from outside CA. I want to see the whites of the eyes of my grandkitten buyers!
  3. Give them lots of love!

Note: As of yet, I do not require you feed species appropriate raw food to my cats and kittens, but I should. Even organic dry or canned cat foods are recalled. I have some feline clients that lost every single dog and cat they owned to the recalled pet foods of 2007, simply by feeding their pets one of the recalled pet foods. Human grade raw meat and bones is recalled far less frequently than traditional pet foods. Most importantly though, cats are true carnivores with teeth designed for ripping and tearing at meat and bone, so feeding them raw food is optimum to help maintain a long healthy life.

Waiting Lists:

Most of our kittens are sold before they are born. We have deposit and non-deposit waiting lists. Deposit waiting list is for those who have placed a 50% deposit for a kitten(s), prior to being born. We email photos of the kittens at 3-4 weeks of age to deposit buyers, so they have first pick of which kitten(s) they want. Photos of any remaining kittens are then placed on a web page and the URL is emailed to those on our non-deposit waiting lists, when kittens are 6-7 weeks of age. To be placed on our waiting lists, please Email Us advising what color and type (polydactyl, manx, bobtail, or polydactyl manx), and sex – male/female of kitten you are looking for and advise if you want to place a deposit for first choice on a kitten(s) or be on our non-deposit waiting lists.

Non-Refundable Deposits:

Please note, deposits are non-refundable. Placing a deposit for a cat or kitten with us indicates you are wanting the kitten and coming to pick it up from our location at date in the near future. Once the deposit is made, the kitten/cat is marked sold on our website and reserved strictly for you. If your circumstances change, such that you are no longer able to come pick-up the kitten, it has been listed as sold on our website and now, weeks or a month or so later, you advise you cannot pick up the kitten, now we have to find another home for it. At this point, the kitten is older, may be harder to sell because of this, updated photos must be taken and posted to the website, etc., and so, we do not refund kitten/cat deposits, as it creates more work for us.


50% kitten deposit is required to reserve a kitten AFTER you receive confirmation from me that the kitten(s) is/are still available. I will give you my PayPal address to forward the deposit to. Remaining balance is due in cash upon pick-up of kitten(s). Please Email Us to reserve a kitten.


Multi-kitten purchase discounts. Kittens love company and if you don’t already have a cat, dog, or someone who stays at home all day to play with the kitten (if you aren’t taking the kitten w/you to work daily, as some of my grandkittens are blessed to do with their people), we do give multi-kitten purchase discounts, if purchasing more than one kitten at a time. If interested, please inquire.


In the event you cannot keep one of our kittens or cats, please contact us, so we can make arrangements to get it back to us. We do not want any of our cats or kittens going to the shelter. This has never happened, but in the unlikely event that it does, we will gladly take back any of our cats or kittens, so it can live with us happily here in the country.


Kitten Sales Policies

Please be aware, we DO NOT/WILL NOT ship kittens. If you cannot come to our Southern California location, we cannot sell you a kitten.

Please visit our Kitten Sales Policies page for more detailed information on purchasing kittens.

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