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Natural Cat & Kitten Health Care Books

Whether you are new to natural health care or an experienced natural health guardian, there are many natural and holistic dog health care books below to choose from. Many are strictly herbal, homeopathic, flower essences, etc., and some offer a multitude of natural remedies.

People often ask me which is my "favorite" natural dog health care book. I have not found just "one" book that is my favorite. Nor have I found one book that I completely agree with 100%. Though I have nearly all the books listed below... for general health issues, unrelated to feeding species appropriate nutrition, I usually reference the following dog health care books most frequently:

Greg & Mary Tilford's, "Herbs for Pets"
Dr. Martin Goldstein's, "The Nature of Animal Healing"
"Dr. Pitcairn's Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats"
Juliette de Bairacli Levy's, "Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm & Stable" and her Dog & Cat or her Dog book
Dr. Don Hamilton's, "Homeopathic Care for Cats & Dogs"
Dr. Wynn & Marsden, "Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine"
Dr. Shawn Messioner's, "Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats"
Dr. Christopher Day's, "Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals"
Dr. George Macleod's, "A Veterinary Materia Medica & Clinical Repertory


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This site is dedicated to all animals and their guardians. Whether you are here to find information and links to research holistic methods or just browsing, please feel free to linger as long as you wish.

The information on this web site is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a physician or veterinarian. This information is not intended as a substitute for the reader's independent judgment and personal responsibility. Health issues are far too important to delegate to anyone else. It is highly recommended you research and seek information and counsel from as wide a variety of sources as possible, so you can make well informed educated decisions about you, your child's, or your pet's health, as in the end YOU make the decisions.

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